Portrait of a Seated Man

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Elevate the style and sophistication of your home with this stunning vintage art reproduction print from the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The Portrait of a Seated Man by Fortunato Duranti is a beautiful piece that features a sketch of a seated man, facing frontally and resting his right forearm on an object. The warm colors and rough sketch lines of the piece create a sense of depth and texture, adding to its captivating beauty. The print is complemented by a walnut wood frame and mat, which adds to its vintage charm. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary styles, the timeless appeal of this piece is sure to enhance the decor of any room in your home.

About the Artist: Fortunato Duranti, Italian, 1787 - 1863, Smithsonian American Art Museum

  • Print
  • Frame Moulding
  • Woodland · Walnut
  • Single White 2" Mat
  • Wire Wall Hanger

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