Before The Storm

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Introducing the mesmerizing artwork of Melody Joy McMunn, a self-taught artist whose creative spirit draws inspiration from the Earth and embraces a captivating color palette. Through her skillful use of oil and mixed media, McMunn masterfully captures the essence of movement in subtle yet impactful ways.

Each piece is meticulously handmade with care in Austin, Texas, reflecting our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Immerse yourself in the artistic world of Melody Joy McMunn, where the Earth's beauty meets vibrant hues. Experience the magic of her unique artistic vision, adding a touch of wonder to any space.

  • Overall Dimensions: 48.00"w x 2.00"d x 48.00"h
  • Colors: Rustic Walnut, Fredrix 558 Raw Canvas
  • Materials: Rustic Walnut, Fredrix 558 Raw Cnvs
  • Weight: 25 lb
  • Volume: 6.5 cu ft
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