Steeped Rose Candle

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Our hand-poured, kiln-fired ceramic candles boast a mesmerizing fragrance that will enliven any room. Enjoy up to 60 powerful hours of blissful burn time, with clean-burning performance and industry-leading scent diffusion. Transform your space and indulge in a delightful olfactory experience with every light. 

Steeped Rose: An unadulterated floral that captures the uplifting character of its namesake bloom. Instantly fill your space with dozens of freshly cut roses—stems, thorns, and all.

  • Key Notes:
  • Upcycled rosewater
  • Egyptian geranium oil
  • Comorian ylang-ylang oil
  • Guiacwood
  • A touch of vanilla

All ingredients are carefully selected to be non-toxic and safe for people and pets when used as directed. Whenever possible, we utilize upcycled, plant-derived, and skincare-level ingredients. Our products are designed and assembled in the USA. 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Burning Time:  60 hours

Weight:  8 oz.

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